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Hero_of-the_5Points_4X6There were a hundred stories told in the streets of Five Points about the giant gangster Mose. That he was eight feet tall and six feet wide; that his stovepipe hat was actually an upside-down smokestack torn from a Cheyenne locomotive; that his fists were the size of Cherokee hams, his feet so large it took the leather of two whole cows for him to be shod. That Mose had the strength of ten men…

Click here to read the League of Seven prequel noveletteĀ “The Hero of the Five Points” free online at!

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I’ve written a second League of Seven prequel story, “The Hero of the Five Points,” which will be posted for free on The story is about Archie’s parents Dalton and Agatha meeting for theĀ first time and battling Mose, a legendary giant of the “Gangs of New York” era. A certain League of Seven villain also makes an appearance, as does the redoubtable Mr. Rivets! I’ll link to the story when it becomes available.

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