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Tell a Friend

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Take a Selfie

Take a selfie reading The League of Seven. Don’t let us see your face–this is a secret society, after all!–just the top of your head peeking out over the cover. Send it in, and we’ll add it to our Selfie gallery!

Face Out the Book

You know how you can only read the spine of some books on bookstore shelves, while others are “faced out” so you can see the whole cover? Turning The League of Seven “face out” shows everybody that awesome Brett Helquist cover, and helps sell the book!

Post, Tweet, and Tumbl

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Read The League of Seven with a Book Club

Read The League of Seven with your book club. Not in a book club? Start one!

Battle Manglespawn

As a Septemberist, it’s your duty to fight any Manglespawn you come across, and any humans mad enough to raise a Mangleborn. As for the Mangleborn, well, better leave them to the League of Seven.