The League of Seven – Thomas L.

The League of Seven is full of awesome for Thomas L.!

The League of Seven – Tamari S.

A variety of awesome things from The League of Seven, by Tamari S.!

The League of Seven – Jeffrey Y.

The League of Seven, as illustrated by Jeffrey Y!

The League of Seven – Grant C.

Grant C loves Archie, the Septemberist Society, and heads in jars!

Head in a Jar – Dasha B.

Dasha B says thanks–with a head in a jar!

Heads in Jars – Lindy

A row of heads in jars by Lindy from San Rafael, California

Head in a Jar – Roan

A head in a jar! (I love the bubbles.) By Roan from San Rafael, California

Thomas Edison – Lindy

Thomas Edison is a head in a jar! By Lindy from San Rafael, California

Archie & Mr. Rivets – Max O.

Archie and Mr. Rivets, with Thomas Edison lurking behind! By Max O. from San Rafael, California

The Wendigo & Heads in Jars – Esme

The Wendigo meets two heads in a jar and one BRAIN in a jar, by Esme from San Rafael, California!