The League of Seven – Youbin C.

Youbin C. redraws the cover of The League of Seven!

The League of Seven – Grant C.

Grant C loves Archie, the Septemberist Society, and heads in jars!

Adam A. as Archie Dent

Check out this TOTALLY BRASS Archie Dent costume worn by Adam A. for Halloween in 2014! (His sister was a Candy Corn Witch, who is sadly NOT a character in The League of Seven.)

Archie & Mr. Rivets – Brandon R.

A terrific collage of characters from The League of Seven, by Brandon R. of Simpsonville, SC!

Archie – Zoe M.

A great drawing of Archie Dent by Zoe M. from Asheville, North Carolina!

Archie & Mr. Rivets – Max O.

Archie and Mr. Rivets, with Thomas Edison lurking behind! By Max O. from San Rafael, California