Project Description

The League of Seven is a fast paced thrilling novel set in alternate 1870’s where everything is powered by gear-and-spring mechanisms or steam power, and with good reason. Although the public remains oblivious, colossal monsters known as Mangleborn, who feed on electricity (Or “Lektricity”) rest beneath the earth in ancient, elaborate prisons. The real story begins when Archie Dent, the main character of the story is playing in the catacombs of the Septemberists, a Society devoted to stopping the Manglespawn, the monstrous children of the Mangleborn, when all the minds of the Septemberists are taken over by Malacar Ahasherat, the Mangleborn who controls insects. Archie must defeat Malacar Ahasherat, save his parents along with the rest of the Septemberists, and form a new League. I didn’t want this book to end and hope that the next book in the series will be published soon! Five stars!

– Ben H., Greensboro, NC