Archie Dent
Archie DentShadow
All his life, twelve-year-old Archie Dent has dreamed of being the leader of a new League of Seven. When all the adults in the Septemberist Society are brainwashed by a Mangleborn he gets his chance, but Archie may just be the League’s own worst enemy…
Hachi Emartha
Hachi EmarthaWarrior
Scarred by the murder of her parents when she was an infant, thirteen-year-old Hachi Emartha has dedicated her life to avenging their deaths. With the help of her “Flying Circus”–five tiny, clockwork animals built for her by her father–Hachi has become the greatest warrior the world has ever seen. But what will she do when there’s no one left to punish?
Fergus MacFerguson
Fergus MacFergusonMaker
For fourteen-year-old tinker Fergus MacFerguson, nothing is more important than science–until he sees firsthand what science without conscience can do. His blood replaced with the inky black blood of a lektric squid, Fergus has become a human computer, capable of absorbing and discharging lektricity. Can he remember to always do what’s right, even when his curiosity gets the better of him?
Clyde Magoro
Clyde MagoroHero
Talkative twelve-year-old Clyde Magoro served as a drummer for the United Nations Steam Man Colossus–until Colossus was magically fused with the spirit of a dog named Buster! Now Clyde captains a ten-story-tall steam man that thinks its a dog and acts as the spokesman and leader of the League of Seven.
She won’t tell anyone how or why she can do it, but thirteen-year-old Kitsune–who has the ears and tail of a fox–can make people see things that aren’t there. It’s a useful talent for playing pranks–or stealing things. But can she be trusted?
Transformed into a hero by the Septemberist Society, fourteen-year-old Sings-In-The-Night has known a great deal of pain and confusion in her short life. But she seems to have found a home in this new League of Seven, if only her past doesn’t catch up to her first.
Xiezhi, Maat, Lady Justice–they’ve all been the lawbringers of previous Leagues. Who will be this League’s Lawbringer?