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Welcome to the world of The League of Seven, a steampunk world filled with airships, rayguns, clockwork machine men, and giant electrical monsters!

I got the idea for The League of Seven by trying to imagine the¬†book middle-school-me would have loved. The book I wouldn’t have been able to leave the library without checking out, the book that would call out to me from the bookstore shelf, making me beg my parents to buy it. In short, I wanted to write a book that was Full of Awesome.

The trouble was, I didn’t have any characters, any plot, or any world.

So that day I cleared off a big bulletin board in the room where I write and tacked up a single notecard right in the middle, on which I wrote “FULL OF AWESOME.” Then I began pinning up new notecards with as many fun things as I could think of–stuff like rayguns, airships, machine men, submarines, Native Americans, mad scientists, secret societies, brains in jars, and lots, lots more. The only rule: whatever I pinned up had to be FULL OF AWESOME.

When I was finished, I had a board with lots of awesome things on it. But I still didn’t have a novel.

So then I spent the next couple of weeks just staring at that big board, trying to find the connections between awesome things. What was the connection between airships and secret societies? Between rayguns and giant electrical monsters? Between submarines and brains in jars?

Very soon, characters, a setting, and a story began to emerge. An EPIC story, about seven super-powered kids using rayguns and airships and steam-powered robots to battle giant electrical monsters in an alternate 1870s America.

And the League of Seven was born.


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